Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Who Is Really Cold?

                                -PHOTOS AND EDITS BY RUTH RADER-

There are two kinds of cold: The one that you feel on your skin and the other type that is reflected
by bad people. I am dealing with both right now.

I have met some good people down at the bum barn. I have also met some bad ones.

Now that the cold is really beginning to hit this area, I am becoming even more protective and proactive
when it comes to the Warming Space.

And there are some lines that I believe none of us should cross.

One of those lines involves criminal activity.

There is a a grizzled old drunk, who believes that he has a free ticket to do whatever he wants in this
Community. And that is rather odd considering the fact that he just got back out of jail a couple of
weeks ago. You would think that he would have acquired some wisdom during his incarceration.


That individual feels that he has the right to feed his addiction to both alcohol and cigarettes by selling the
same to underage kids. And he is doing it right under my nose.

That has got my hackles up and I want to put a stop to it.

But the question remains: Who cares?

I mean, when it comes to living right: Who matters in this city?

And who is really cold?

                                                  -PHOTOS AND EDITS BY RUTH RADER-

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