Saturday, February 08, 2014

Ruthie On The Road, Update

In case you haven't heard...we are involved in a major Winter storm here in the Pacific Northwest,
right now. There is a foot on the rooftops, a foot-and-a-half in the trees and a ton in the streets. SAA-NOWWW, people!

And it is still coming down. In fact, our storm is so big that it made National news, tonight. Har!

So whatcha got to say 'bout tonight's weather, Saint Steve?

Do you plan to keep the Warming Space open for a few more days before you eff-up and close it again?

We have rain on the coast, freezing rain across the Portland Metro area and *SNOW* everywhere.

Some folks know where I actually am (on a high hill above the Gorge and the Columbia river...
and no, I am not at Prater's...although that would be rather interesting) where I am typing this out on an old
computer (My laptop is fine but there is no wi-fi in range, that I can access).

But I will be back down to the Warming Space, soon.

I am in a big house with a very nice lady and her psycho cat. I don't understand the cat. It is the most independent mobile fur-ball that I have ever seen. I'm lucky if it even bothers to sniff my fingers during a 24-hour period.

The lady brought me up just before the storm broke loose and now it seems like we have more snow here than the Olympians do in Russia!

I am concerned about the ice pattern that is now expanding in our direction. There is enough snow on the lines now that a layer of ice and increasing wind just might snap those lines. So, I am happy to get this update posted before that happens.

Check out this nifty WEBCAM and the WEBSITE that it is featured on.

And I hope to be in a new home next month. Until then, I will pray for bad weather and good friends to
keep me off the street.

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