Saturday, February 22, 2014

See Where The Problems Begin?

                                                    -PHOTO AND EDITS BY RUTH RADER-
This is an edited version of an email that I sent to someone today:

The guy who makes the decision about whether or not the Warming Space
is going to be open, decided to close it,
tonight. That started the ball rolling the wrong way, first thing this morning.

Take a look at the weather right now. I am up here at the
library and even I can see that the wind
has picked-up and there are gray clouds moving in. I have checked the
forecast at
and they are predicting a low of 33F for tonight. Well, yippee-Skippy!
That ought to feel real good to me while I sit
outside just reveling in the wind chill, tonight!

In other words, the man who made the decision shouldn't have made the
one that he did. He should have left the
Warming Space open, tonight. It's cold outside and who the heck wants
to be outside on a cold Saturday night?

Sure, (someone) tried to set-up a trailer for me to stay in when the Warming
Space was closed. But he set it up in a place
where I will most likely face nothing but harassment and trouble, if
not worse. I tried to stay with a couple of other
people, in another trailer on that lot, last weekend...and I still got
hassled. That lot is a virtual haven for druggies and
drunks...and unfortunately they refuse to share their haven with a
non-substance abuser like me. I don't drink, don't
do drugs and I don't even smoke. I'm quiet and I prefer to be left
alone to mind my own. I don't have that consideration
up there.

So, with the Warming Space closed tonight...I face two evils: The
trailer on the lot with the obnoxious drunks and
druggies or the picnic table by St. Vincent's where I will most likely
also be harassed by the druggies and drunks. Of
course, if I stay in the trailer, at least I will be warm but I stand
to be hassled when I go to use the cold water
restroom that no longer has an inside lock or even a door knob on it, now.

Today, when I was sitting at the picnic table by St. Vincent's
Community Meal site, a guy came up who was very
bothered by the fact that I was there. He was upset because he knew
that I wouldn't appreciate him pouring whiskey
into containers for himself and a few of his buddies to drink. They
all get really rotten when they drink like that.

So when a lady came by I jumped at the chance to get away from there.
Now I am up at the library and I will be
until that lady picks me up here and drives me down to the meal later
on this afternoon. I will be okay during the meal
but when it is over, I will take myself and my things back out into
the cold wind, the rotten drunks and the oncoming
night shenanigans.

And that will translate into dreadful, very quickly.

Then there is my health...which is rapidly deteriorating and that is
no exaggeration.

I am long-overdue to see a doctor. My heart, my breathing and my
asthma are colliding more and more every day,
now. I am losing the ability to walk a reasonable distance without
becoming very winded. This has never happened
at this magnitude to me, before. Now after walking a short distance,
my breathing erodes to a severe whistle. There
is something very wrong with my system and I have to get it fixed.

And carrying loaded bags only makes it all worse.

I'm running out of steam and I need to go home. A stable place will
provide me with the ability to properly deal with
my medical issues.

But I am about six days from a hotel room and seven days from taking
residency of the apartment. And when that man
decides to close the Warming Space, see where the problems begin.


Furry Bottoms said...

I know you hitch-hike because you feel led to, I think you said something about that a year or two ago. I am not a regular reader but I do remember to check in now and then. I wonder, would you be able to use a motor home and still travel the lonely roads? You can still camp out and meet people at these places. It sounds like you may have a blood clot and you do need to get that checked fast. I don't pretend to know it all, it was just a thought or two.

Ruth Rader said...

I would love a motor home but I don't drive. I would prefer a motor home in a decent lot with hook-ups.
I won't, under any circumstances, accept any more dirty, poorly placed or disconnected trailers, doublewides or mobile homes of any kind.