Sunday, February 09, 2014

We'll See Who Wins

It's Sunday night and I am typing this out, sitting on a rickety and well-worn Red Cross cot and grooving to Pandora music on my laptop.

The great thing about the Warming Space (aka the "Bum Barn"), is that it has smokin' wi-fi. So once I plug my computer in, I am good to go.

Thank you, once again, to the one who was wise enough to make this refurbished baby my own!

My cot is covered with a thin, red-and-white mat and my Coleman sleeping bag. Of course, while I was gone up the hill to my friend's house, someone pulled my sleeping bag out of its royal blue REI bag and left it underneath a pile of other plastic bags. The plastic bags are filled with woolen, "disaster blankets" of questionable cleanliness.

Whatever. They should have left my sleeping bag, in its cover bag, the heck alone. But the majority of the population here can't even manage their own lives and spend the majority of their time, sticking their nose in everybody elses' stuff.

They like to talk about parole and probation officers, their jail experiences and every other loser subject that they can think of. Understand me now: The parole and probation officers are NOT the losers...but their clients sure as heck are!

"Calling Steve Wilkos ... I have some live ones for ye!"

But I have a two-liter of Diet Dew and some sane Country music on Pandora to comfort me. Idiots, be damned.

I hope that my friend on the hill, with the psycho kitty, gets a good sleep in her big house, tonight.

I will meet Monday with a herd of male buffaloes and banks of snow in the parking lot. And somehow
I will sign-up and get my laundry done. And I will get breakfast and maybe even get a bus up to the library.
It's at times like this that I am reminded that I really have no home and my existence is chained to the street.

If I stay warm, safe and dry tomorrow...I will consider myself blessed.

I am the only female that will be staying in this old building, tonight. And most of the guys around me have a
screw or more loose...and are either quiet or have an open potential for violence.

I have God.

We'll see who wins.

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