Wednesday, March 12, 2014

An Open Thank You To Sir Tim Berners-Lee

Hello Mister Tim, question is: Have you ever picked up a hitchhiker before?

I have been hitchhiking since 1993. And that is also, interestingly enough, how long I have been on the Internet.

As a hitcher, I have met a multitude of different people. I have reached out to humanity in North America and it has reached back...and we have connected over and over and over, again. That is how the World Wide Web and the Internet has been for me: An open door to a adventurer and a bridge to greater understanding...about what is going on in the World.

I started with Hotmail in 1993 when it was still called "HoTMaiL" and really had nothing to do with Microsoft. I built my first webpage at Yahoo's "Geocities." And I watched Google grow up. My blog was created in 2004 and I put my Facebook page together in 2010.

I have, literally, 100's and 100's of photographs from around North America, that are now spread out all over the Internet. I began editing my photos with Flickr and I am now using PicMonkey to do the job.

I follow the weather very closely and appreciate the fact that I can now monitor radar on my phone. I also listen to Pandora Internet Radio on my different devices.

So, tell me, Mr. Tim, Sir, have you ever picked up a hitchhiker? I promise that if you ever pick me up, I will thank you in person for your contribution to us all...with a very sincere smile on my face. Thank You. :)

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