Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Michael Stoops: A Call From The Past

I opened my email this morning and found the following comments posted to my blog. The writer sent his comments to me in response to an article that was published on the Think Progress website, today.

The writer ran a Google search on Michael after he read the above-named article and the posts that I published in this blog about Stoops, are listed on the same results page. So he contacted me.

I then turned around and left a comment after the new article on the Think Progress website.

And that, dear friends, is how fate, karma and technology work.


Here are the comments that were sent to me today, unedited:

["I was astonished to see Mike Stoops pic and a story abt him on Think Progress about homelessness today so I googled him to make sure it was the same guy I met and briefly lived with in 1974.
We lived in a fairly non-judgmental collective on the Duluth MN Central Hillside, and he stayed there while doing some of his early "activism" work. This was before he took up homelessness as a cause, and I remember him burning his draft card on steps of City Hall, over a year after the draft had ended.
A couple of us at the house were gay men living in an inhospitable city and age and I was organizing a gay counseling service.
At least 2 of the guys there were very attracted to Mike, but it soon became clear he had no interest an anyone close to his own age.
I personally confronted him with what I saw as exploitation, and was angry he would use our little understood or supported fledgling movement for acceptance and civil rights to justify his messed up attractions.
I remember his flat affectation and defense citing historical adult/adolescent love with such ppl as Whitman and great philosophers.
Mike imperiled our work with his reckless predatory behavior with vulnerable teens he culled from the local YMCA and drop in centers, and we kicked him out.
There were never any legal actions taken against him in Duluth, to my knowledge, and he drifted toward warmer climates soon after."]


Soooo...Mike...would you like to tell me why a guy would write to me after all of this time and make the allegations that he just did?

If anyone would like to send me more enlightening comments, please feel free to do so. I will agree to keep your name and any contact information, private, at your request.

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