Saturday, March 15, 2014

On Being Slowly Small

Small. It's something that we all think one time or another.

I took the photo (above) this morning with my cell phone. It is an image of a seedling that grew out of one of those wild,
whirly-gig things that a tree sent down en mass onto someone's front lawn.

And when I walked by the seedling the first time, I didn't see it. But it was there. Existing and sprouting for all it was worth...toward the morning sun.

And it didn't matter that a battalion of heavy machinery had roared, and dug, and sifted and flattened rocks and dirt very close to where it took root. Nope. It just grew up out of the rocky soil and kept on going. All on its own. Road construction be damned.

I admire that seedling. And if it is allowed to continue as it is will eventually grow into a very
tall tree that everyone with sight...will see. But right now it's sort of invisible...curled up as it is in the womb of Mother Nature...and in the shadows of  mammoth trees that are towering like wooden gods...above it's little-bitty-tiny self.

Right now, the world is looking for a jet airliner.. That aircraft is very large. And yet, it and a crowd of over 200 souls, has, by all indications...vanished.

With the possible exception of those who are personally involved, no one else on this planet seems to have any idea where the people and that plane, have gone.

And that is mystifying...because that jet is too large an object and filled with too many people to just a purse filled with coins...out of someone's pocket.

So where did something of that size and breadth go?

Satellites tracked that airliner and then...the aircraft the story goes now.

Is there a lesson here?

Unlike man-made objects, some human beings look and never recognize or see...what is really, actually there...right in front of them.

Of course, that jet could be all but vaporized, along with its passengers, at the bottom of an ocean or a scattered, twisted trail of burnt metal and human carnage on the side of a mountain, by now.

If the jet is never found, how will we accept the passenger's fate?

There is one loose end left here, that I can see...

...can you see it, too?

If I had been running this morning, I would have missed that little seedling...I never would have seen it.

Sometimes, no matter is best to slow down...and let time, itself, lead you down the right path to discovery.

That's why sometimes birds fly and sometimes...they don't.

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