Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Private Message

I am working on my health, now and laughing at the "smug Samaritans" who continue to try to clean their own conscience by slinging an arrow or two of accusation at me.

I have CHF (Congestive Heart Failure) and chronic PE (Pulmonary Edema) and am taking regular rounds of pills for both conditions, now. And after someone sticks a needle into your stomach and takes six sticks of blood out of your vein...you really don't care about what a hypocritical "Christian" or a quasi-politician says, anymore.

No, you get beyond the Pharisees and you think about Jesus...the real one. The guy who lived to forgive, reform and empower people. Not the made-up one with that long finger of judgement, pointing eternally at everybody else. But the strong one, who taught us all, that faith is like a mighty feather...teaching even the timid to fly...into a better tomorrow.

There is no excuse for what that couple did. There never will be. You might like to tell yourself that there was or is a valid reason...but deep down in your heart...you know that's a lie.

I will soldier on and I will find a place to live. Somehow. Somewhere.

And no matter what and until I get that elusive key...I will remain where I belong: Cradled in God's loving promise.

Which will always be more reliable than your promise ever was.

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