Thursday, March 27, 2014

Ruthie On The Road, Update

I got to Whitehall, Montana and ended up with a bus ticket that brought me to Tomah, Wisconsin. But when I got there, I ran out of money and food. So, I tried to get some assistance and was turned down flat.

In Montana, a couple rescued me from a cold ramp and bought me dinner and a motel room. They also gave me fifty-dollars in cash. The next day they put me on a bus to Nashua, New Hampshire.

However, I didn't get any extra food and, as I explained earlier, I ran out of everything by the time that the bus rolled into Tomah, Wisconsin.

After I was turned-down by a cop in Tomah, I sat on the ramp and froze for five hours before a young mother with a son and a baby in the back of a minivan, stopped. The woman ended up driving me here to La Crosse where I checked-into the Salvation Army shelter.

I stayed there for two days and then I tried to get out of here on my own but I was unsuccessful. And the weather became colder and colder.

Yes, there is some snow here and torrential rain. There is really no visible sign of  Spring.

I have been in contact with some people from Idaho who think that I might have a better chance at
getting housing in that State. So, after doing some checking around, online, I have decided to head
back out West.

I now have an Amtrak train back to Idaho and I am looking forward to the ride. I have never traveled
as far as I am going to on a train before.

This time, I will make sure that I have everything that I need before I get on that train!

Hopefully I will  be able to share some video from my train ride, here. But since I am going to board the train tonight, I won't attempt to do that until tomorrow morning. I am looking forward to checking-out the observation deck and sipping something good while I watch the world go by.

I will be taking the Empire Builder train from Wisconsin to Minnesota to North Dakota to Montana and on into Idaho.

Wave if you see me! :)

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