Friday, March 21, 2014

Someone Knows

Someone knows where Travis Church is. And many more people don't know where he is, right now.

I want to know. And I don't even personally know the guy.

But I spent the majority of the Winter at The Dalles and I believe that I might have seen him and also possibly spoken to him via Wasco County 911.

In any case, the man is gone and it is really bugging me.

Coincidences aren't always just that.

Two days ago I made the decision to go to the State of New Hampshire (I will begin my 2,000+  
journey there, later on tonight). I didn't tell anyone about my decision.

Then, yesterday, a woman who has been reading my blog posts for the past several years, suddenly
contacted me. She sent a friend request via Facebook.

I sent a message back to her today and asked her who she was and why she wants to be my FB
friend. We began to chat and then I asked her where she lives. Her answer almost knocked me over:
She wrote that she lives in New Hampshire.

I told her that I just got a ticket that very State. And I got the ticket from two very loving angels. The
last person who dropped me off, yesterday, left me right in the place that I had to be to meet those
people and make it all happen.


No, I don't think so.

I believe that God is up to something. That is what I believe.

I also believe that something is going on that involves Travis Church.

I spent the past two days in Idaho. I ended up in the "outback" in the small town of Cottonwood. It is
located many miles north of Boise.

And I met two brothers who had three rifles in the front seat and loose bullets on the floorboards of their big, red pickup truck. I met them in Idaho's "outback", too.

I'm not saying that those brothers have anything to do with Travis' disappearance. But I do think that God sends messages. He's orchestrated and choreographed incidents around me, before. But I am not always sure why.

I hung around a pretty rough crowd for the majority of this past Winter season. And they talked, the way street homies do.

I know that God knows where Travis Church is.

I just wish that those who care, for the right reasons, knew his whereabouts, too.

Not knowing is always harder on other people.

Consider that.

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