Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Lie Tied To A Tree?

KGW.COM: New Kyron Horman flier refers to mysterious man

KATU: Kaine Horman's Reaction To Fliers

Oh, Terri...you keep on throwing out the words
Assuming that we won't find them all absurd
Yeah, Terri...you're such a riot
You declare but we never it buy it

Now you're talking about a creepy guy
An evil man at the school
Who took Kyron and then went bye-bye
 But Terri, I'm not a fool

I can see right through you.

You know what I think, Terri? I think that the only reason that you
are mentioning the "mystery guy" now is because you're trying to
get the hot light off of yourself.

And you're giving a damn now because the custody battle for
your daughter, Kiara...is coming up in June. Yeah and you want
to look like you care about what happened to Kyron...but of course,
you aren't guilty, oh no...you've just awakened from a long,
traumatic sleep and you're ready now to join the search for the boy.
(In your own way, of course.)

The timing of your participation is just a coincidence. Mmm hmmm?

You think that these late-hour punches in the dark are going to
buy you a new image in the eyes of the judge? You think that he will
see you as proper mommy material now?


But anyway...did the guy that took Kyron from Skyline School look
kinda-sorta like this guy?

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