Saturday, April 05, 2014

April's Cause And Kyron Horman

["I wanted to reach out to you directly and let you know that I will be attending and supporting the final CART training that starts Monday and goes through Thursday of next week. I will be presenting my son's case on Monday during the lunch hour. This is going to be a big event. Not only will Jackson County be certified for CART now, but we will also regionalize the CART program so that we can cover more area geographically and have a bigger CART team with more resources. It will include Klamath County as well. 

I have attached the JCSO press release for the training. I am so proud to be a part of something so important for missing children. April is a big month for the cause, for Kyron, and for all missing children. I will keep you updated, please watch for more to come."]--Kyron Horman's Mother, Desiree Young, On Facebook.





Anonymous said...

I appreciate your courage in standing up for your child. I think another important tool is to have security cameras posted in schools to prevent abductions. This is a minimal cost to prevent the maximum loss of a child. Again, I appreciate your courage as a mother and an advocate for all children. Anna

Ruth Rader said...

Hello, Anna. Thank you for your comment that I assume is directed at Kyron Horman's mother, Desiree Young.

And yes, when those of us who have followed this case, go back to the beginning, we always think about the cameras. As you probably know, Skyline Elementary didn't have any cameras in place, either inside or outside of the building, on the day that Kyron disappeared.

It is my opinion (and I am certainly not alone on this) that Skyline School dropped the ball on the day that Kyron so many ways.

Why that school has not been held more accountable is beyond me. Somebody should have filed a huge, comprehensive lawsuit right after Kyron first went missing.

Furthermore, it is my belief that every single school, from K-start to University, should be equipped with mandatory, properly functioning, video cameras...Nationwide.