Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Return To Picher, Oklahoma

I hadn't planned on stopping in Picher, Oklahoma. But when I got the
opportunity, I decided to make a second visit.

My first visit to Picher happened four years ago ( I thought I was
there three years ago until I checked the date of the original post in
my blog) in January of 2010.

After experiencing Picher, I am convinced that someone put a
horrible, evil curse on that area that still exists, today.

Wikipedia: Picher's Stats And History

 Videos Related To The Killer Tornado Of 2008:

The pharmacy still exists in what is left of Picher. And the ladies that
work there told me that "four or five families" (don't they know exactly
how many people?) are still living there. One of
the ladies added, "But I don't know where they get their water from."

Neither do I. The entire water supply is contaminated.

The air smells odd in Picher. I noticed that when I first stepped
out of the van that I was in. Dead, leafless trees with gnarled branches
are everywhere. But what I really tuned into was the eerie, creepy vibe
that snaked out of the shadows and touched me.

I was reminded, once again, that something in Picher is just WRONG!

I wanted to walk down one of the streets and record some video of
the abandoned bungalows. But I noticed two pickup trucks, one white
and one black, lurking around by the houses...and changed my mind.

Now I wonder if someone is hiding something back there. Hiding something...
...or someone.

And then there's the question about Livermore Labs.

Before I got a ride out of Picher, again...a cop came by. He had wild
tattoos on his arms, including one of a skull. We talked for a moment
and then he told me that he was raised in Medford, Oregon.


Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

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