Friday, April 04, 2014

Through My Eyes--Part One

How far IS the road home?

How long will it be before I have my own home?

This is a series of photographs that I took while on my way to La Crosse, Wisconsin and then
back here to Oregon. All of these photos were taken within the past month.

                                            -ON THE ROAD TO LOLO PASS/IDAHO-

                                -LOLO PASS/IDAHO-

                                -LOLO PASS/IDAHO-

                                            -NORTH DAKOTA-
                                -AN INTERESTING MESSAGE POSTED ON THE SIDE
                                OF A RAILROAD CAR-                                             
                                            -NORTH DAKOTA-


                                            -RAIL CLOSEUP-
                                            -AFFLAC?  NO, AMTRAK.-

                                            -FREIGHT TRAINS PASS BY SO CLOSELY!-                             
                                           -AN AMTRAK SHINING BACK-


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