Thursday, May 29, 2014

Like A True Patriot

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A guy by the name of Nathan Dilla posted the following on the NBC News website

Isn't it possible Edward Snowden is both a to the American people AND a to the US gov?

Good question, Nathan.

I would say that Ed Snowden is probably somebodies mind.

Because I was not near a traditional TV last night, I thought that I would have to watch the 
interview at a later date. But that didn't happen.

At the last minute, I found a link-up and watched the interview, as it was broadcast, on my 

And I took notes. 

It was very interesting to hear a fellow citizen discuss the inner-workings of our government...
while he sat in a chair in Moscow.

At the close of the interview, I decided that:

1.) Edward Snowden is still fascinating. 

2.) John Kerry is still an idiot.

3.) I respect Ed Snowden's "Pattern Of Life."

4.) John Kerry doesn't have one.

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When I first heard the question: "Is Edward Snowden a patriot or a traitor?" I thought:
"What a dumb question."

So now I'm asking a smarter one:  If Edward Snowden is a traitor...what does that make
every drunk who drinks a snoot-full and then drives out and kills someone?

What does that make every drug dealer?

Every wild-eyed shooter?

Every pedophile?

"But...but," you might say, "drunks, drug dealers, shooters and pedophiles aren't traitors!"

"They don't turn against their own Country!"


Then who do they turn against?

Don't they willingly decide to do bad things to their fellow citizens?

"Yes," you might say, "but they commit crimes...they don't challenge how the government 
gathers information and deals with National security!!"

"Those people that you just listed aren't traitors, they're criminals!"

Isn't a traitor a criminal, too?

"Yes," you might say,  "and Edward Snowden stole secrets. He snitched on Uncle Sam!"

"He put," you might add, "our Country's very safety at risk!!!"

You mean more than every drunk driver, drug dealer, shooter and pedophile in the United 
States does?

Don't they put our Country's safety at risk?

"No!," you might answer, "they commit crimes but they don't open the door to a possible
threat from another Country!"

Oh, I see. They're just lower-level criminals...not qualified to be considered a BIG "C."

"No," you might answer, "those criminals hurt some people but they don't risk the survival
of all of the people in our Country!"

"Besides," you might add, "you're talking apples and oranges here."

(Not when they fall in the same fruit bowl.)

So you're saying that traitors are like many other "common" that they commit
crimes against people. But traitors have the potential to hurt all of the people in our Country.

"YES!" you might declare.

Well, I agree with you up to a point...except for one thing...

"What's that?" you might ask.

Ed Snowden didn't hurt anybody...not even a branch of the military or the security arm of the  
Federal Government.

He tried to stop the real traitors in those entities from harming everybody else...and he made a great, 
personal sacrifice... a true patriot.

                                            -PHOTO/EDITS BY RUTH RADER-

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