Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ruthie On The Road In Pictures--Part One

                                             -ALL PHOTOS AND EDITS BY RUTH RADER
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"Geez, I have to get my blog updated" I told myself while I sat on my backpack or leaned against
a guardrail and tried to hitch a ride.

This post includes photos (and video) that have been waiting in the clouds for the past several weeks. Today, while I stay out of the hot Ohio sun, I will post them all here.

Yeah...there's nothing like working while I listen to "Hall & Oates" on YouTube. It's my choice in music and nobody else has to care...because I'm locked in yet another hotel room with sound buds in my ears.

I recorded this update while I was still in Missouri:

Yes, I avoided the "big wind."  And this video shows exactly what I might have run into if I
had not backed out of Arkansas. Do you hear that poor dog whining in the background?
It's like the poor pup is saying, "Hey Master, you dumbass...let's take shelter right now
and forget the video!"

I met a young man named Phillip, farther down the road and he brought me to a nice motel in
Quincy, Illinois. The following day I went to church and met his friends. Among Phil's friends
is a family that took me in to their home for the night. The couple, Andy and Dana, gave me
the opportunity to take some pictures. Dana and Phil took some photos, too:

But since both Dana and Phil are in this photo with me, I don't remember who took this
particular shot. However, I do find it interesting that while we were traipsing around in a
graveyard (doesn't everybody?)...a strange image by my hand got caught in a camera lens:

I mean, what is that thing?

Then there's the bird nest on the tombstone:

And the concrete angel:

A stone that fell:

(Post Update: It is a day later, we are under a tornado watch and I have switched to drinking In-Room coffee and listening to the Beatles "White Album.")

And the founder of Quincy, Illinois and his family. What intrigued me about this particular
stone was the ages of  four of his children when they died:

                                            -CLICK ON THE PICTURE TO SEE A 
                                            LARGER IMAGE-

And then the time came to say, "goodbye."

                                -I THINK PHIL TOOK THIS SHOT-

The cute little girl pictured above, with Dana, drew me a picture:

She wrote: "I met a nice lady. She takes pictures of grave stones. She is a hitchhiker. And
she is very nice. She lives in the Country."

Heh. I love that kid.

She wrote the message and drew the picture. I added the tint.

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