Monday, May 05, 2014

Ruthie On The Road, Update

The happy faces in the photo above belong to some very kind people that I went to church
with today. The guy on the right (standing beside me) picked me up (literally) in Missouri
and brought me to where I am, tonight: Quincy, Illinois.

I hitchhiked from Nevada, Missouri to a lonely highway junction  point and then the nice,
young man pictured above, picked me up. He drove me from Missouri to this city in
northern Illinois and then bought me a room in a great hotel.

He took me to church where we had a great time swinging, swaying, singing and praying.
Then the woman (standing beside me in the photo) and her husband (standing directly
behind me) invited me to stay at their house, overnight.

Which is where I am now.

These are caring people, these are friendly people and these people are for real. They
see what some other bitter, angry and hateful people don't. They reflect God from their
own heart and sincerely believe that life is meant to be lived by example.

They let me eat at their table, get cleaned up and sleep under their roof. What a blessing
these folks have been to me!

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