Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Kyron Horman: Four Years And No Freedom

Desiree Young's Message/New Search Announced

The Oregonian Reaction

As I sit here in Upstate New York, I am thinking about Kyron Horman. And I know that across this Country...other people are thinking about Kyron today, too.

Damn you, Terri.

I was advised by a well-meaning individual, years ago, to avoid hating anyone. But when it comes to you, Terri Moulton, my emotional response just jumps the bar. You are a sick person living with a very bad family. And you all deserve a regard of the blackest kind.

Did you kill Kyron?

I wonder...and that's what you enjoy, don't you?

You like to watch people wonder.

But Terri...I promise you that someday life is going to even up the score.

If you don't tell us the truth/bring Kyron back...Kiara will grow up and hate you. Many people already do.

You are known as an evil, narcissistic and selfish human being. But you are no longer known as
a mother.

And I know that Carol wants Kiara back in the fold. Of course she does. Because Carol believes
that any amount of custody or visitation rights will help bury the persistent memory of Kyron in the eyes of the public.

But she's wrong. That will never happen.

What will happen is that Kiara will grow up and read about what you did to her big brother. She
will learn about the emails that you sent...declaring your hatred for Kyron. You loathed and
despised that little boy and she's going to know that. She's going to find out that you
resented your role in raising Kyron. Kiara will know that you considered Kyron to be a
nuisance job that you just wanted to get rid of.

Kiara will find out about how you "sexted" a man shortly after Kyron disappeared. And she
will realize that you also planned her own father's death.

You're garbage, Terri. Don't you think that Kiara will eventually notice your

I feel so sad for Kyron. I bet you either killed him, outright or paid someone else to do it. Or
you sold Kyron to someone who is just using him to put more welfare money in the pot. Yes,
maybe Kyron is living with a dysfunctional family somewhere and has no idea that his mother
Desiree misses him with all of her heart.

Many people care about Kyron. You know that, Terri. And you also know that if  Kyron came
home (to his real home) today, he would be sincerely loved for the rest of his life.

So you have no more excuses for your silence.

Getting rid of Kyron didn't fix what is wrong inside of you and your mother...did it, Terri?

That's because your corruption isn't Kyron's fault. It's yours. You bitch.

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Well said Ruthie!!!!!!