Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Kyron Horman: Liars In The Fire

Kyron's mother (forget the "bio-mom" crap, I refuse to use that term in reference to her anymore) Desiree Young, is holding up well, considering everything she's been through. And I have to hand it to her...she's done what she said that she would do...and then some.

The Boston Globe (remember, I am on the East Coast, right now) released a story today that caught my interest and made me think about Kyron:
FBI "Operation Cross Country" .

I hope that Desiree and her troops continue to do whatever they can to find our boy. And I hope that they also keep chipping away at Terri, James and Carol Moulton. For it is my belief that those three are liars in the fire of evil that was done to Kyron Horman.

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