Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Troutdale: Ending Classes With A Bang

Again. It happened again.

But this time it took place in the last place that most people in Oregon thought that it would: Troutdale, Oregon.

KGW NEWS CHANNEL 8: Freshman Shooter Was Heavily Armed

Oregonian Updates

When I heard, I was stunned. I still am, to some extent.

Troutdale has been a regular "jump-off" point for me when I've started a hitchhiking journey East. I have always stood right by the on ramp to Interstate 84. I know the truck stops, the motels
(and hotels) and the eateries there.

Troutdale has always been a laid-back community located outside of Portland proper. I have rode
the local bus between Portland's Union Station and Troutdale, many times.

And although I keep getting more and more background information, I still don't totally understand
why yesterday's shooting happened. I just don't get it.

Where the hell are these kids getting their guns from?

Come on, people!

I'm all for adults owning weapons. But how are the kids getting hold of AR-15's and the huge rounds
of ammunition that they're bringing to each of these slaughter-fests?

Somebody want to fill me in?

Whatever happened to getting caught with smokes and some brews in the boy's room?

Where are the parents?

Is everyone in Troutdale going to just turn away and forget about Junior's latest murder-suicide?

Will the people in Troutdale just bury their dead, watch the media trucks roll away and get back
to their normal routine?

Will the only real intervention and attempts to change things in Troutdale come from the cops,

What will everyone else in Troutdale do?

What about next Fall?

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