Sunday, October 26, 2014

Jaylen Fryberg: A Gutless Waste, Update

UPDATE: The 911 Calls   WARNING: Listener Discretion Is Advised.

UPDATE: Airlift Communications  Ditto.

The four dead young people now include  Zoe Galasso and Gia Soriano, both fourteen-years-young.

UPDATE: Andrew Fryberg, also shot by his cousin Jaylen Fryberg, has died. He died earlier
this evening, November 7, at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, Washington. He was fifteen-years-young.

UPDATE:  Shaylee Chuckulnaskit, one of the students shot by Jaylen Fryberg, has died. She died today, October 31 at Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett, Washington. She was fourteen-years-young.

Statement made by the Tulalip Tribe, Wednesday October 29, 2014

This is disgraceful and a terrible legacy left by Jaylen Fryberg.

Seattle Times Updated Coverage

My original post:

Now we all know what happened last Friday. And with all the talk about Ebola and terrorism and may have thought that no one would have the stomach to start shooting, again. But someone did.

Someone did.

At the moment that Jaylen Fryberg fired the first shot, and the first victim fell...better things were
happening in other places...a baby was probably born...a child kissed his grandmother on the cheek...a woman gave a funny TGIF card to her coworker...a father finished a loving conversation with his son,
who is stationed in the military, half-way around the world.

But Jaylen didn't see any of those things happening...and he didn't care.  He was immersed in his own, tiny portion of the Universe. He was small-minded and focusing only on himself.

"Waaaah, waaaah, I can't have the girl so I guess I'll go blow somebody's brains out...waaaah."

What a stupid, short-sighted fool.

And I believe that it is time to start calling these kiddie shooters exactly what they are: SELFISH ASSHOLES.

What gets me is the fact that the media has a tendency to report more on the shooter than the victims.  It's as if no one wants to think about how the bullet felt when it tore into an innocent kid's head. And that is all wrong, in my opinion.

"Oh, he was such a troubled boy..."

"Troubled" my butt!!

Jaylen Fryberg, like every other selfish asshole kiddie shooter, pulled up his entire insanity file and transformed into a spoiled jerk. He didn't care, for one minute, about how those kids felt. He just kept on firing that goddamn gun!

It was not the World's responsibility to perfectly please Jaylen  Fryberg. If he didn't like something that happened in his life, it was up to him to MAN-UP and deal with it properly. People have to deal with tough stuff all the time. That's life.

But that was not an excuse for Jaylen Fryberg to start shooting other kids.

Jaylen Fryberg: What a waste.

I hope that the victims survive and get a fair chance to live the life that Fryberg didn't have the guts to face.


Nadine Romeo said...

Everyone order to move forward we must forgive he was in a dark place and he didn't think to realize how much pain this was going to cause alot of ppl I don't think he gad time to think rationally about anything at this point he was so lost and confused he felt hopeless....just saying.I am not saying what he did was ok but at the same time we need to forgive in order to move forward and heal.We cannot enter into the Kingdom of our Saviour if we have unforgiven essential in our heart. And this will take time

Niro Weera said...

Jaylen himself was a kid. A kid who was probably sick. What is more disturbing is how many are treating the true victims of this crime as mere props in a "golden boy's" tragic death.

Ruth Rader said...

First of all, I would like to thank you both for submitting your thoughtful comments.

And I am sure that my readers can see the similarities and the differences in these two comments.

I would like to address both of your comments and make it clear that you are entitled to your own opinion. You both submitted your thoughts in a respectful way and I will respond in the same way.

If anyone else wants to weigh-in on this situation, go ahead.

My original post is not respectful in any way, shape or form toward Jaylen Fryberg. That isn't going to change. I meant what I wrote and I wrote what I believe. You are welcome to disagree, but my opinion is set and my words will stand.

Nadine, I disagree with some of what you wrote. I understand why you are leaning toward forgiveness. But too many times, I have seen a shooter wreak havoc and leave a trail of carnage...and then in come the forgivers. And they send a message out to the next potential shooter: "Go on, do it...such a'll not only light up your frustration and exact your revenge...but you won't be ignored anymore...nobody is doing it your let'em have it...the whole thing will happen very fast...somewhere in the midst of it, you'll probably you'll finally be set free and later on people will forgive you...such a deal...go for it!!"

And those thoughts, Nadine, I can't and won't accept. A and B have summed-up to C one too many times.

Whatever Jaylen was thinking about when he unloaded that gun, didn't and won't change the pain that he caused. None of his thoughts will ever give his victims back their lives. Jaylen destroyed what he had no right to take. Period.

I believe that dealing with the reality of what Jaylen did will allow everyone to "move forward." After all, everyone that Jaylen shot has had to deal with absolute reality...from the moment that the physical pain began to when their knees buckled to when each of them hit
the floor.

The consequences of Jaylen's actions are eternally linked to the truth. So don't try to filter that
truth through a sugar-coated, Hallmark card type of mindset. Because it just won't work.
No, Ma'am, no Sir.

I am totally confident that God loves me and that He will welcome me into His realm when the time comes. The ten commandments includes the words, "Thou shalt not kill." I believe that as surely as Jesus once entered a temple with a bullwhip, those who follow God's commandment will truly do the will of God. Jaylen chose not to follow God's expectations and infringed on other people's existence.
He made his choice...procured the weapon, got the bullets and sent the text messages. And everything that he did required planning and premeditation. He could have stopped at any time before he committed his atrocities. He didn't. He chose to go against God. So did Judas, who finally hung himself in the garden of Gethsemane before Jesus was crucified.

And you want the world to forgive Jaylen Fryberg?

God told the small group not to turn around and look back on the city of Sodom...when God destroyed that evil place. Then Lot's wife ignored God's directive and turned around, anyway. God turned her into a pillar of salt. That's what happens when people grow so close to evil that they no longer heed the words of God.

People within Jaylen's own nation have stated that they don't know why Jaylen did what he did.

But I know that Jaylen didn't draw close to God before he shot those innocent people down.

God never would have told Jaylen to do what he did.

So then...who did Jaylen draw close to on that day?

Ruth Rader said...

Niro...Nothing "golden" emanated from the throat of the deceased when they drew their last breath.