Sunday, October 05, 2014

Letter To Sabrina Allen

                                                             -Sabrina Allen Today-

An Open Letter To Sabrina Allen:

Hello, name is Ruthie. And the first time that I saw your face, I was sitting in a college
library in South Portland, Maine.

Now you are home and your photograph proves that you are more beautiful than ever.

So many people missed you, Honey. So many prayed that they would see you again.

Now you are finally home...where you belong.

And I promise you, Sabrina...that I will continue to pray for you.

I know that we don't know each other and we most likely never will. But we both know God and
we both know about faith. Your father sure does!

I hope that in this next year you will find many reasons to smile. Because Sabrina, I want you to
be happy and you look lovely when you smile. Some faces are just meant to wear a grin...
yours is.

Have fun, Sabrina. Gather up the flowers in your soul...nurture them and let them grow. And
always believe in yourself.

Time is coming around, full-circle and the door to the rest of your life is opening now.

So go for it, Sabrina!

God will bless you.

You will always have an angel on a wing.*


Ruthie Rader

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