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Sabrina Allen: It Can Happen!

"I am overjoyed that Sabrina has been found alive and is safe. Our entire family would like to thank the investigators that made this happen. Our prayers go out to the Mexical Federal Police Officer who was injured. We also would like to thank the Mexican Government for their cooperation in this case. Last, a heartfelt thank you to the USFBI, US Marshals, and all of the investigators that have worked this case for the last 12 years. They never gave up. We look forward to being reunited very soon."

"We don't have a timetable," he said of when Sabrina can return home. "We're very eager to have her home as soon as possible, and we're going to slowly introduce family members and do what we can."

--Sabrina's Father Greg Allen.


It all happened at once and I tend to believe that it wasn't by coincidence. I got enough money today to buy this new laptop and update my blog. In the midst of doing that this morning, the stories about Sabrina Allen's return began to surface.

How amazing. How utterly, beautifully and perfectly synchronized have these actions transpired today. And I am convinced that these are truly the acts of God.

As some of you know, I have been following Sabrina's missing person case since she first disappeared. And I did my best to hold her story close to my heart ever since. Some of you know
what I mean by that. And today I am smiling...I never forgot her, Greg...I never stopped following
and sending...those whispers from the rail.

And now, all these years later, I am very happy that I kept that tracker and never stopped following
its path. Yes, those many, many tracker hits that resulted in posts like this one:

[ Fabian Uribe

Happy Sunday, Campers! I discovered a few interesting facts when I
checked my trackers today.

First, someone using the Spanish-language version of Google put the
name "fabian uribe" in the search box and found my blog. The name
Fabian Uribe is the name that has been used by little Sabrina Allen's
mother Dara Marie Llorens who kidnapped Sabrina and took her to
Mexico. The pair were spotted in Mexico, eluded authorities and
haven't been seen since.

Today, someone from Uninet S.A. de C.V. in Mexico City, Mexico put
Dara's alias in the Spanish-speaking search box and read what I have
written about Sabrina.

At about the same time, someone from Consejo Superior de
Investigaciones in Madrid, Spain also read my blog.


Is God at work again?


And may He bless those who push ahead right along with Him.
posted by Ruthie In The Sky at Sunday, August 27, 2006 ]

My interest in this case began in Portland, Maine and stayed with me through West Virginia and
into Oregon. I kept the faith and prayed for that girl...from wherever I happened to be in North America...every single day.

Now Sabrina has been found...almost grown...and when I read the first story this morning, my laptop had only been turned on for an hour. For the first time ever. When I realized that all the stories were
true...I fell to my knees and cried like a baby.

How wonderful to be alive today! How gracious is our merciful He is!

Welcome home, Sabrina...Honey, welcome home.

Fundraising Page For Sabrina's Future Care

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