Wednesday, November 05, 2014

A Special Road Update

There have been several major news stories this past week. And they all focused squarely on life and death:

A young man pulled out a gun and opened fire on his classmates. An older man ignored all varieties of common
sense and ran his SUV into three young girls. And a brave and beautiful young woman made the transition into
the afterlife after her own body turned against her.

And that made me think.

I spent three weeks sitting every night, in a camp chair, by a bridge, on a main street,
in front of the Chamber of Commerce
building in the heart of the The Dalles, Oregon. (Yes, that I have been told,
is the proper way to write that city name
out...the actual name of that community is "The Dalles"...why?...heck if I know!)
Then, I hitchhiked down to Corvallis where I spent the nighttime hours on a bench, in a bus shelter, at the
local transit center.I followed those experiences with a stint at a transitional shelter house in Lebanon, Oregon...where I
slept indoors. In a bed. In a traditional sense.
Now I am back in Corvallis...hanging out with the homies and sleeping at a winter shelter that just opened.

And my life is still rolling on...

Life is precious. No, forget the greeting card schmaltz for a minute...just run those three words through your

So what would have happened if Jaylen Fryberg had never loaded that weapon? What would have happened if
Jaquinn Bell had never put the key into the ignition of that SUV? What would have happened if Brittany
Maynard's brain had never filled with cancer cells?

They can't roll back the tape and change things now...and neither can we.

All we can do is take the hand of God and walk on.

May God bless us all...even the Republicans who now own our government.
 I know that they will make me smile
when things get all twisted up and fall apart (which will happen eventually, count on it). And I will grin because when
they point their bony fingers at each other...they will finally have no one else to blame...but themselves.


Have a great day, everybody!

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