Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Don't Fear The Reefer

A few years ago, I posted a marijuana logo (which I designed myself) on my blog. I linked the graphic to the NORML website. And then I added the words: "Don't fear the reefer, be NORML."

Due to a totally different subject (which I will not mention here) my blog recently received a phenomenal
amount of hits. In fact, I haven't gotten that many hits from one post since I posted Terri Moulton's
(Horman) text-version of her former Facebook wall.

And I am bringing this up here because I believe that it would be ludicrous to say that one of
my posts is beautiful and this one was composed by a fool.

Marijuana is not a chemical drug. If it is grown and ingested in its pure form, it is what it is:
Fun, a blessing to those who are highly stressed and/or are dealing with a serious illness like

I am now waiting for the day when I can enjoy weed without any concern about legal repercussions.
With the passage of  Measure 91 <= In Oregon, I believe that we as a Nation have moved one
step closer to that reality.

I am tired of the "Maybe Marijuana" permissions that have been sliding across wide desks. It's time
to just legalize weed across the United States, PERIOD!

No, I don't believe that marijuana should be consumed while driving, or by children or in place of living a responsible life in each person's waking hours. But shut down every energy drink and Starbuck's in the Country before you start raving about mind-altering substances.

The truth is, it's going to happen, eventually. So, instead of fighting a lost battle, why not get on
board and help figure out how it should be dealt with Nationwide.

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