Tuesday, November 25, 2014

It Was Never About Ferguson


I recorded these two video messages in 2012. I think they are so relevant
on this day after the riots in Ferguson, Missouri and elsewhere, that I have
decided to post them both again.

Some of you know that I recorded both of the video messages in Hood River,
Oregon. I have a habit of circling back around to this city several times a

I'm in Hood River, now.

This past Sunday night, I walked out of Corvallis, Oregon. I had been there
long enough and I could see that I wasn't going to get anywhere. So I left.

I walked over the bridge and down to the junction point. It was dark by then.
Now, I know that you might say, "Well, no wonder nobody picked you
up there, they probably couldn't see you!"

But I know that plenty of people did.

Because they flipped me off, yelled obscenities out the window and blew
black smoke at me. You know, the usual "hassle the hitchhiker" shenanigans.
So I know that a number of drivers did see me.

And after the heavens opened, they didn't care that I slowly got soaked to the
skin in 39F weather. Nobody there cared.

Yesterday morning, a man who works with a business cleaning service, stopped
his truck and climbed out. He was determined to get me some help.

So he drove me all the way to Lebanon (over 20 miles away) and brought me to a
church. The people at the church let me dry off and warm up. They got me some
food and let me change into the only dry clothes that I had left. Then they found
me a light, waterproof coat and bought me a bus ticket to Hood River.

My bus rolled into this city at ten minutes past midnight last night. I believe that
I will be alright now...at least for the time being.

The reason why I am posting this road update along with a post about the situation
in Ferguson (and elsewhere now, thanks to ranks filled with escalating stupidity) is
because I have a point to make here, ya'll.

I'm getting damn sick and tired of watching people who already have a home,
enough food in their belly, clean warm clothes on their back, adequate medical care,
a working vehicle, neighborhood support and time on their hands, just...burning down businesses, throwing rocks at journalists, destroying vehicles and
trashing everything that is worthwhile in their community.

I mean I am sick of that! I don't care what end of the political, sociological, theological or economic
scale they are. They have no right destroying those things that I would give my eye
teeth for. They have no right!

Michael Brown is dead! He's not coming back. And even if Darren Wilson murdered Michael
in cold blood...last night's activities in Ferguson won't do anything except give fuel to Darren
Wilson's argument.

A trashed McDonald's isn't a fitting memorial to Michael Brown, is it?

A beautiful community garden next summer...is. Money aimed at a sports endeavor at the
local school...is. A scholarship fund in Michael Brown's name that is filled with
dollars from the communities' hands...is.

I mean, come on now...be honest...looking at last night's behavior...who is drawing the bad
line of discrimination in the sand, now?

Who indeed?

"Yo, Mike my brother, it's some bad shit that you got hit with...think I'm gonna go loot and
burn down that store over there...in your memory."


Well, that's some show of respect.

Why don't you go pee on Michael Brown, Junior's grave, too?

I see no strength in Ferguson, Missouri anymore...just a smoky image of inexcusable and
ignorant failure.

And I thank God that I am not there.


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