Sunday, November 30, 2014

Mayberry Back In Motion

"I think it's best that at this time we continue to move on as a community," Ferguson Mayor James Knowles.

So now it is time to rebuild and move on in Ferguson, Missouri. Darren Wilson has quit the police force and will get no severance pay.  The major media is gazing in different directions now. And all of the points have been made.

It's time for Ferguson to spin back and settle in the groove that it was in before everything happened there.

I wonder if some of the folks there really do miss Mayberry. I bet they do.

The City of Ferguson plans to hire more Black cops. And if that city really has any
pride left in itself, the people will welcome them like decent adults. Ferguson is going
to have to begin might as well be with its own police force.

If you ask me (this might surprise some people), I believe that overall,
Ferguson, Missouri
pays way too much attention to race. Across the board, there is an obvious
overabundance of ignorant generalities and stinking stereotypical thinking. Truly,
Ferguson needs more than a physical needs to get its red neck out of the
trailer trash.

Time to grow up, people. Don't just stand up...grow up, too.

Today, as Ferguson takes a breath, I think that it should also feel foolish.
It's time to shake off its collective cowardice and admit that it shared its
worst side with the rest of the World.

And for every finger in Ferguson, that has pointed a finger at somebody
else...twice as many hands should be ready now to fix what is broken
(mentally and physically) in that city, right now.

You know I'm right.

You may never construct a Utopia but you can create a solid unity. So pull
on your work boots, kick your stupidity to the curb and make a positive
difference in your city!

Ferguson, you have sent out far too many terrible images. Portland, Oregon
sent ONE image back and it has now gone viral, viral, and again, I say,


Put your dedication where your destruction exists now. Crumple your
criticism under your commitment. And above and beyond anything else:

Teach the people in your city that to use a
to use construction to grow and maintain a community to operate a community daycare (one where everyone who
has employment can safely leave their children) to do grocery and
medical runs for the elderly, disabled and those without a vehicle...staff
a "Boys & Girls" club instead of scaring the crap out of kids in the street!

I don't want to hear whining or excuses or the phrase "I'm not going to
help those people!"

It was the "those people" attitude that created your mess in the first place.

Ferguson's salvation will now be wrapped around cooperation. So let's see
some of that on a city-wide scale.

Get to it.

Or are some of you just going to simply carry a sign down the streets in
Ferguson for the rest of your life?

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