Monday, November 10, 2014

On The Other Side

Send Kindness To: Remembering London, 1180 NW Art St., Seal Rock, OR 97376

(This post was written over the past five days)

The young boy in the photograph, above, is six-year-young
London Grey McCabe. London died recently when his mother carried him out to the
middle span of the Yaquina Bay bridge and then threw him off. London fell approximately
133 feet into the cold current below.

This happened in the community of Newport, Oregon. That is where I am tonight. I plan
to visit the Pacific Ocean tomorrow. But it will feel a bit different this time.

In fact, it felt different when I approached that same bridge this morning and saw the large
collection of teddy bears, candles and balloons there. A collection that London's once
mortal eyes, will never see.

And it occurred to me then that those gifts weren't just left there for London...they are also
for each person alive, who cares about what happened last Monday night. It is very
difficult for some people who are here, right now to wrap their mind around how London
died. And it is almost as if those toys, balloons and candles were given in an effort to
somehow soften reality's blow.

But maybe it shouldn't be softened. Maybe the harsh reality of what did happen should be faced
head on...without the psychological comfort of stuffed animals and glowing candles. After all,
what did London face after he fell 133 feet in the darkness?

KOIN-TV Original Coverage

And I wonder if London's mother, Jillian McCabe originally planned to jump into Yaquina
Bay with her son and then subsequently lost her nerve?

There is some speculation now that that might have, indeed, been Jillian's true intention.
She may have wanted to end both of their lives in one fell swoop, so to speak.

Has everyone who left a pretty memento at the foot of that bridge... learned something from this tragedy?

London's family issued a statement that said, in part:
"The best way you can honor him and not let his death be in vain, is to have purpose in your own hearts to respond in kindness, love and respect toward all those people in your own lives. Especially those with special challenges."

Jillian McCabe must have felt very disconnected and alone. She cried out and if anyone ever heard her...they didn't hear enough.

What happened to London isn't an isolated incident that will blow away on the tails of colorful Mylar balloons. I believe that the best that can come from what happened is for everyone to remember, each time that they cross that Yaquina Bridge...there's at least one chance to do the right thing...when they get to the other side.


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