Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Biggest Threat In Ferguson

Michael Brown, Sr. Asks For An End To Violence

"I am having Thanksgiving dinner with guests next week, even if that means to the tune of helicopters and bullhorns."

"We rebuilt and became stronger than before. We are in the midst of yet another storm and 
through this, we will also prevail."--Ferguson Resident Stefannie Wheat.
So many people are angry in Ferguson, Missouri, right now. They are growling,
they are yelling, they are cursing and they are condemning.

However, an individual who lives there reminded me of what happened on
April 22, 2011. On that day, nobody...not anyone...with a badge, a bullhorn or
a bullet...could have stopped what slammed into that community.

From The National Weather Service

So now we have the dark emotions of anger and hatred swirling up in
that same place again...but this time it has nothing to do with barometric
pressure. No. This time it is the direct result (in my opinion) of stupidity.

The truth is that none of those so-called "violent protesters" are really
controlling anything in November 2014. Anymore than they controlled
the wind in April 2011.

It's really all a delusion.

What that woman on the video said, as she walked through the
aftermath of that tornado in what every person in Ferguson,
Missouri should remember tonight.

No bad behavior is going to fix what is broken in that city, now. But
I think it would be wise, at this point, to consider what the citizens
(and friends) of Ferguson should all be thankful for.

Before something far more sinister...rises up and reminds them all that...
there's a price to pay for not appreciating the blessings that they
already have.

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