Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Truth On Thanksgiving--Part Four

                               -CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO SEE A LARGER IMAGE-

I took the photograph (above) with a point-and-shoot, Fuji disposable camera somewhere in Arkansas
in September 2005.

As the story goes, I was walking by a storefront building one evening and I saw a group of people
just dancing their hearts out. So I walked in and after watching them for a minute, I asked if I could
take a photograph of them all. As you can see, they said, "Yes!"

If you recognize any of these folks (or yourself) in this photo, please let me know. I can't even remember where in Arkansas this photo was taken. I only have what little information that I do because my Flickr account has preserved it, along with the photograph.

I am posting this picture because I obviously want to make a point: The rioters in Ferguson,
Missouri aren't getting anywhere being angry. No, they are not. With their present attitude, they're
just like angry getting more ugly.

In comparison, the folks in the featured photograph are smiling and laughing and confident and
happy. Look at them!


 Did those people in Arkansas live in a bubble in 2005?

How did the picture swing from carefree in one area to crumbling in another?

These are fair questions to ask today.

I wonder if any of the rioters are thankful for anything today?

Probably not.

If they found something good and valid to be grateful for, they'd begin to lose their reason to
vandalize and steal. Yeah, it's the same reason why they don't rise up with a newly found maturity and start to give a damn.

To the rioters: Ferguson, Missouri doesn't need you. And I believe that every single one of you should be banned from that city for the rest of your life. You should leave Ferguson and go somewhere else...

...but not to that happy place in Arkansas.

Because they don't need you, either.

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