Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Truth On Thanksgiving--Part Two


As I mentioned previously, Stefannie Wheat, her husband Ken
and their son Christopher live in Ferguson, Missouri. I am in
contact with her. And I want to share what she wrote online:

"We are safe. Monday night was a bit rough but we stayed. For those who are unaware, we are two blocks from the Ferguson Police Station. We heard many gunshots and explosions and kept C  (that is her son)  in the center of the house...away from exterior walls and windows. His friend came over and they played. It was good to have his friend here.

We had invited a friend over and were having a conversation when Ken (Stefannie's husband)  ran outside. There was one man in our driveway and another on the sidewalk. Ken told the men to leave and they refused. Ken drew his gun and gave them another warning. They argued with him but stood still. The neighbor, sitting silently in the dark drew his gun on them as well. In the meantime, I turned off all lights in the house so they could not see us. The men left, screaming our address.

We then barricaded our street off. Four men from our street took turns patrolling throughout the night.

Tuesday morning. Pure destruction of a city. Ken and C spent the entire day assisting businesses in boarding up broken windows. C did many media interviews. He told them, "This is my community and no protester was going to take it from him because we are Ferguson Strong." He wore his new Ugly Sweater I love Ferguson shirt to show the media.

Tuesday, Nov 25th. Round two. Much more foot traffic on the side street. No issues on our street. We listened to the police scanner and could keep track of the crowd. Though they moved next to our house they only damaged businesses.

I am thankful for all of my friends. I've received texts and calls in concern. We are home tonight preparing for Thanksgiving Dinner even if that means to the tune of sirens and helicopters."

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