Thursday, November 13, 2014

Truckers: From Bad To Worse

                                                          -TIMOTHY JAY VAFEADES-

When the subject of truckers comes up, people usually think travel
centers, rest areas and something large that gets in the way on the

I take the perception quite a bit further. This is because I have been
a hitchhiker for over twenty-years. And I have visited
every State and a number of Provinces in North America.

Over the years, I have become very familiar with truckers. And this
is what I would like to say about that:

It is my firm belief that two things have prevented me from being
slid into a body bag while on the road: God and my keen sense of

I am aware that there is a faction of
the trucking industry that is bad.
The drivers are nothing but thugs in big rigs. Many of those
bad truckers are affiliated with gangs and some are also
dangerously unbalanced.

I used to ride with truckers all over the Country. No more. I won't
accept a ride from a long-haul driver anymore. I hitched out to
New York State (this year, over the Summer) and back to Oregon.
And the offers for rides from the so-called "professional"
drivers were notably few. That suited me just fine.

Bad truckers are now heavily involved in human trafficking and
the drug trade. Enforcement is woefully lacking in today's freight
hauling business.Companies are turning a blind eye and weigh stations
are closing.The DOT is understaffed and overwhelmed. And by the time
the cops stop one trucker, a multitude just rolls right on through

I'm concerned that the problem has gotten so widespread that soon
it will impossible to contain it anymore.

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