Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Day At The Dog Cafe

Of course, tony-granola-Birkenstock Hood River isn't all about the homeless. Not by a long, expensive shot.

And lately, I have had an opportunity to get a few glimpses at the other side.

This is the Pacific Northwest and just as sure as the word "organic" is permanently linked to Oregon...they drink their own tight brand of coffee here.

Today I was properly introduced to what I now lovingly refer to as "The Dog Cafe."  It is
a beautiful bit of Oregonia that is situated in the heart of the city. The café has comfy, well-used
couches, old tables and chairs, a well-worn hardwood floor and tall windows that are perfect for

The ladies who work here are brave little soldiers who aren't afraid to offer broad smiles
at 7am...when it's raining outside...on a Sunday. They even let me take their picture...such
good sports!

They do serve coffee here, in about as many varieties as the people who drink it.
And they match some of the huge mugs with spicy breakfast burritos and flaky
chocolate-chunk filled croissants.

The Wi-Fi and the attitude here make this a great place to relax before the machine known
as Monday begins to turn on the town again.

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