Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Ferguson: Robert's Rules Of Ridiculous

Well, isn't this just special: The F-town peeps can't even hold a town
meeting without getting into an argument.  Awwww

(Wait For It...)

:P THBZzzzzt! Yes, they all get the legendary "Ruthie Raspberry"
of the day. And I must say that I feel that it is well-deserved.

Evidently, the Flame Fanners of Ferguson have never heard of
"Roberts Rules of Order." Or maybe they just don't give a damn
about them.

Having problems with constructive communication, Ferguson?

I suggest THIS and THIS, TOO.

But hey, what do I know?

I just don't get into fights very often...nor do I consider a baseball
bat to be standard operating equipment when I walk outside.

"The rest o' y'all are just sittin' there."


Soooo...if  the Mayor shot out a few of the lights and several other
city poobahs started one of the walls on fire...everybody would feel
more at home and the door to perfect understanding would just fly
wide open?

Nahhh...I really don't think so.

I believe that Ferguson has a problem with accepting several angles
of the TRUTH, right now. Yeah, this part of the F-town only wants to
face this part of honesty and that part of F-town only wants to acknowledge
another part of the honesty.

And yet, the honesty is only that: The Honesty. Dig It or Degrade...just like
you all did at that so-called farsicle of a meeting recently.

Ms. "I Love Ferguson" Stefannie Wheat referred to her beloved home as
a "freak show" on Facebook the other day. She mentioned that parents are
bringing their kids to Ferguson as if the city is an oddity to be gawked at.

Well, maybe in ways, right now...it is.



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