Saturday, December 20, 2014

I Need To Go Home

The end. That is what I am thinking about today. Getting. Out. Of. Here.

Enough, damn it. I'm done.

It's raining like somebody is bailing out Niagara Falls and dumping all of the water here.

It just fits in perfectly with my mood. You know, the one that looks like this:

Yeah, I'm grumpy.

I'm just tired of the homies and the way they smoke cigarettes and interrupt me too often when I'm
trying to clean up in the bathroom. I'm worn out from carrying my possessions around and having
to practically beg on my knees to get a single city bus pass.

I don't want to live out of a backpack or sleep on the floor anymore. And damn it, I want fifteen minutes of non-negotiated privacy back!

I need a break.

A lady that I know (she is a local and not a homie) met me in the library and gave me a twenty-dollar gift certificate to a local coffee place. It's where the homies go all the time. I might check it out but I'm not very enthused about showing up where the homies hang out all day.

I wish that I was in my own home. I wish I was making a big pot of chili and listening to Sade at a loud volume. I don't need to be here...I need to go home.

Sing it, Sade!

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