Sunday, December 21, 2014

Jessica Chambers Murder: An Insult Against America


One Young Writer's Well-Written Reaction

There are ugly things in the United States of America. Very ugly and evil and dangerous.

Sure, many people don't want to hear about how accelerant (now it's being identified as lighter fluid) must have tasted when it ran down Jessica's throat. I obviously don't know if she was conscious (she reportedly suffered a substantial blow to her head) when the fire first blew up her skin.

But I believe that Jessica wanted justice even as she somehow got away from her car.

I read that she was car-jacked before the fire happened. That sounds plausible.

And I cringe when I think of what that young woman must have gone through before she mercifully passed on.

I also get angry.

Now I want the cowards that did this to be exposed to the world. And this time around, I don't care if everyone casts a blind eye to how the justice is meted-out. Let the punishment fit the crime.

This murder case isn't getting near the media attention that it should be, right now. And if the "Local Lack of Loud" is because people are afraid to speak...well then, shame on them...shame on them all.

This Country is not defended daily by those who tremble and remain under the thumb of fear. We are a PROUD Nation! We close ranks and stand together against this type of wrong.

It's time for us all to stand and fight again.

Where are YOU, Mississippi? One of your own daughters has just died in a horrible, terrible way and
I want to know when you're going to properly deal with it.


Your cowardice is as filthy as your corruption is. Now your dirt is showing. It's time for you to clean it up.

"But...but...race, Blacks, gangs, thugs..."

I don't care if it's lions, tigers and bears!

When a beautiful young woman (and whether or not she was a nice person isn't the issue here) can't be safe in her own hometown then that community, that county and that State need to change. For truly, what happened to Jessica Chambers is an insult against America.

Stop your sniveling,'s time to lock and load!

(I'm bringing out the song, again)

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