Friday, December 26, 2014

Slug The Lizards

I wrote the following comment in response to the antics of a group who call themselves "Lizards." You can read more about it HERE.

My comment:

Screw the rest of this. Here are some real words that include the sting of reality:
Why don't you use your real names?

Lizards, my aren't anything but a stupid name on the wrong bunch of characters. aren't even lizards...more like Lisptards. Let me tell you something, mush heads...I've been online for years. I have seen the waves come and seen them go. I have never been fooled nor am I impressed.


Because it is not you who first developed the Internet. It was not you who wrote a piece so compelling that a host of would-be shooters changed their minds and put down their guns, instead. Nor have you written a comforting children's story for the kids whose parent is deployed in the military halfway around the world. You haven't contributed to pediatric cancer research or tried to find a cure for adult onset diabetes. You haven't created a work of art that brightens the world nor have you composed a song that made a 90-year-old sweetheart of a woman smile at a family reunion.

You haven't given a very nicely made coat to a cold man or bought a hot cup of coffee for a woman who was shivering on a bench in the rain. In other haven't really lived. Nor have you contributed.

You are just here...but not even like a real reptile...but more like a slimy slug. Heck, you aren't even as merited as a three-toed sloth...whose poop has some worthwhile value. I haven't brought down some parts of the Internet, but I've been using my real name and face online since 1993. I don't hide behind what I do. Beat that, you wussies.

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