Monday, December 15, 2014

Taking Another Long Way Home

Today I am left with limited options.

I am fortunate that there are a few tables and chairs placed in a concrete square right next to the public library building. I am blessed that no one has ripped-off my precious stash of hand, foot and body warmers. And I am lucky that I can still be-bop to classic Stevie Wonder while I type this out on my laptop.

Heavy rain is a ways away from me right now on the radar. So I might just have enough time to get this post written and published before it hits.

This is going to be a bit of an unusual day...

I find it rather amusing that I am sitting here with nothing but a few tall trees bent above me...underneath the open sky. The library is closed today (it's closed every Monday) but its Wi-Fi signal is working just fine. The temperature is in the low thirties and I am covered in so many layers right now that I look like the Michelin Man's sister!

I have no idea where my homies are. They usually disappear and sometimes reappear, later on in
the day.

A church told me that I may sit outside it's huge building and stay out of the rain if I need to, today. Nobody offered to bring me to somewhere INSIDE where I might stay warm. I am out of money and bus tickets. I have my heavy laptop, a day bag, my purse and a big backpack with me. And I am too far away from anywhere where someone will consider taking me in to somewhere that's heated.

So here I sit...while the world spins in its regular pattern around me.

Isn't this something?

I shoot no gun, I burn no building, I have no hidden agenda nor do I intend to steal from anyone.

So why can't I be a little warmer today?

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