Saturday, December 13, 2014

Tamir Rice Murdered By Cop

Twelve-year-young Tamir Rice was MURDERED BY A COP in Cleveland, Ohio. I wrote about Tamir in THIS POST.

After I watched the surveillance video, I knew that Tamir had been murdered in cold...kid...blood.
But now that the coroner's office has released its findings, it is official: Tamir Rice was struck down
like a convict by a firing squad. Except...Tamir wasn't a convict...he was an innocent young boy.

Tamir took a bullet in the abdomen and that hit eventually killed him.

Now, people across the Country are angry...and they should be. The "officer" who delivered the fatal shot should be arrested and charged with the deliberate death of a child. Surely, that "officer" is a bad human being and should face the death penalty. That is my opinion and I will stand by it.

Tamir Rice never got the opportunity to give his opinion.

But there is something beyond this that is concerning me now:

What if east decides, in someone's unstable mind, to meet west?

What if a potential shooter, disgruntled and dismayed by the world around him, decides to unload rounds of ammunition into a crowd of protesters?

What will happen if Hell finally finds its fury?

Let's pray to God that it never happens.

If only out of respect for 12-year-young Tamir Rice...who in his last moments of life before he was shot...never got any respect at all.

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