Monday, January 26, 2015

A Catfish Caught In The Net

Every once in awhile, a real idiot crosses my path on the Internet. And more often than not, that
moron is either from Russia or the Middle East. The person has a less than perfect grasp on the
English language and (usually in the Middle Easterner's case) thinks that American women are
only interested in dating.

Some of these asshats are known as "catfish." Catfish are simply put, a person who cons other people online . Most of those fish spend their time sucking mud in
other pools.

But sometimes a fish with the fins of a fool decides to swim into my corner of the Internet. And
that is a really stupid thing to do because I have a propensity for playing with my food before
I eat it.

Yesterday, a person assumed the identity of a major general (I kid you not, with a photo and
description of his work history, including Special Operations in the military. Why do these
boneheads always claim to have worked with SO's and killed 6 child molesters on the side?
I mean, I just picture the guy sitting on an old couch in a trailer park, typing his bullshit out)
and inserted me in all of his circles on Google+.

I received a notification, checked him out and then said, "The hell you will."

So I sent Beavis the Brainless a hangout message and asked him pointblank if he is a catfish.

That was not the response that he expected.

Today, I was online for only twenty minutes when a hangout window popped up and therrre
he was. I couldn't resist an evil grin.

Catfish are notorious for a wide range of criminal activity...from identity and banking theft
to terrorism. And with the crap that is going on lately, I am not in the mood for any shithead

I am not some sweet innocent cyber Pollyanna artist like those who were associated with
Charlie Hebdo. I have been involved with the Internet since 1993. And when I get a message
that says: "Good you are here...maybe we chat now"...that sends a red flag running right up
the warning pole.

"Major general, my butt" I thought and then I confronted him.

He ran away so fast that I started laughing.

But the truth is that some of these catfish are involved in human trafficking, child-stealing
and plots against countries, including the United States. Obviously, that does not bode well
with me.

All of my tracker information can be accessed and scrutinized by any branch of
law enforcement. If you're dumb enough to challenge that truth,  you'd better be a whole
lot better than "major general catfish" was.

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