Saturday, January 24, 2015

DeflateGate: Why We're Doing It

[The affected flights were Delta Flight 1156, which departed from Portland, Ore., and Southwest Flight 2492, which originated in Milwaukee. Southwest said its flight had 91 people onboard, including five crew members.--The New York Times]

Commercial Jets Escorted By Fighter Planes After Bomb Threat

A disgruntled troll posted a disgusted comment on a media message board today. He asked: "Why are
we caring about this anyways. It's stupid."

Maybe. Maybe not.

Lately we've been barraged by all kinds of bad news: Hostage beheadings, terrorist threats, corrupt police, racial unrest and even a story about a young woman who was deliberately burned to death.

We need some comic relief. We need to laugh again and feel good about life.

We need a break.

And when the story about the deflated NFL footballs first broke...we grabbed hold of that controversy and ran with it.

After all, the timing of  that story couldn't have been more perfect. Right before the Super Bowl we are now following the tale of Belichick, Brady and their balls. And today, old coach Belichick looked into the camera and said: "I've handled dozens of balls this week."

How the press didn't explode into hysterics is beyond me.

But at least nobody said anything about a cop shooting a kid or a terrorist blowing up a school.

This story is funny and it makes us all laugh. And I don't know if this latest scandal is going to
carry over to Saturday Night Live tonight...but I hope so.

Yes, we are dealing with some horrible nightmares right now...they are all around us. And
DeflateGate doesn't mean that we have stopped's proof that we're getting close to
caring too much.

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