Thursday, January 22, 2015

From Balls To Whoopie Cushions

"When I pick those footballs out, at that point, to me, they're perfect," Brady said. "I don't want anyone touching the balls after that. I don't want anyone rubbing them."--USA TODAY

Well, God forbid that anyone should rub Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's balls!

I mean, really.

And I want you all to know (as if you didn't) that all of us up here in the Pacific Northwest are just
having a hoot-fest over this.

I used to root for the Patriots in years past. I thought that they were a good, solid and credible team.

No, that's not entirely true...I believed that they could put on a pretty good show down there on the
field. And they did.

But now this question has come up: Who took the air out of the Patriots balls?

Who, indeed?

Comments are racking up like the accusations in rapid fire...but so far, nobody has had Big Enough
Balls to take the blame. And "DeflateGate", as this controversy is now called, has become a
joke frenzy for the fans.

Well, the way I see it, the word "patriot" doesn't include cheating...not even in "professional
sports." I've brought this quote up before and I am going to post it here again: "Most of it is
choreographed and staged."

The observation was made by a major league baseball player during an interview. But perhaps
it can now be applied to "professional" football as well.

Now the NFL is edging closer to the WWE. Or at least the New England Patriots are. Yeah,
one glance at the WWE guys in their Speedos and you can tell...they really don't have much air
in their balls, either.

Whether they rub them or not.


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