Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Google: Thank You And Goodbye

Of course, all of us "little people" know that Google only listens to those who have lots of  money
in their deep pockets.

I rang Google's bat cave out in Mountain View, California yesterday. I had (in my opinion, anyway) a good reason to do so. I was dragged through a series of "push this to get that" prompts that never did lead to a conversation with a live human being...until the very end of the phone call.

I said, out of sheer frustration: "I want to talk to a live human being" and suddenly a very smug male voice came on the line and said, "Thank you and goodbye" and the call was disconnected.

First of all, the very fact that I even called Google should have caused somebody out there to sit up and pay attention. Reaching out that far to communicate with the "Big G" is something that I would only do if it was really important. Secondly, it looks like Google is beginning to close more doors to communication than it's opening. And assuming, that I have no valid reason to pull their chain out in Mountain View, is a stupid move on their part. The biggest fools in any endeavor are the ones who assume that they are too powerful not to know everything that they need to know. Third, if there had been an alternative to just making a cold call out to their lair, I would have utilized it, instead. But there isn't.

Now I'll be darned if I'm going to explain my concerns here. Nope. I wouldn't ever treat someone who was sincerely trying to communicate with me for a serious reason the way that Google treated me. No, apparently Google believes that it knows all and sees all...so I'm just going to publish this post, go back to my little person corner of the Internet...and fade into silence.

Never mind that I have a tracker on my blog. Dismiss the fact that I follow it rather closely. No,
just ignore my attempt to pass on information. You're the wise guys, aren't you, Google?

So you're already ten steps ahead of me in relation to everything that is going on in the World,

Well, when things start happening...oh, never mind, Google, you're the God of the Internet...
shame on me for trying to talk to you...just never mind.

"The Wizard Of Oz" is returning to the big screen this month,
January 2015.

I consider the following song to be appropriate. I also see the pointless
meanderings of the antique telephone pieces to be like we "little
people" trying to communicate directly with Google.

Maybe, during that call to Mountain View, I should have offered a free

But would YOU want to give a backrub to this guy?

Me, neither.

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