Saturday, January 03, 2015

Jessica Chambers: What Really Matters

Splitting Hairs Instead Of Catching Criminals?

I assumed before all of this new information was made "public" that there are probably tags like "drug abuse" associated with Jessica and her Dad. And I understand that some of the people that are following the progress of this case want to get to the bottom line of this situation. So do I.

But in the end, I don't care what biological make-up the perp is, I want that piece
of fecal matter caught dead to rights (if you get my drift).

Jessica went through Hell and I want the person who carried out that awful experience Hell, too. Even before Father God gets His own hooks in. FIND WHO BURNED JESSICA! The sociological implications can be sorted-out after that.


I left the comment (above) on an online media page today. And I mean every word...SERIOUSLY.

I'm tired of the inane bantering back-and-forth. IT DOESN'T MATTER if the person responsible for Jessica's horrible death is this, that or the other thing. What DOES MATTER, is the fact that 19-year-young Jessica Lane Chambers burned to death. What DOES MATTER is that Jessica had her whole life in front of her. What DOES MATTER is that Father God is waiting for the guilty person to confess to the crime...before our Holy Father levels some serious justice of His own.

Wrong doesn't just hang on a hook of race, motorcycle gangs or meth. And anyone who tries to
minimize what happened to Jessica by putting that sin in a little categorical box is a lying fool.

Jessica Chambers was born a beautiful baby...see who she was and who she could have become...
if a dark evil hadn't taken her mortal life away. Never mind what Jessica might have done...she never laced anyone with lighter fluid, struck a match and watched that person burn.

No...but someone did that terrible thing to Jessica.

Find that person. Beautiful babies are being born every day. They don't deserve to be harmed by that monster, either.

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