Saturday, January 17, 2015

Ready For Bad Eddy

Nettle News Knows?

When Edward Snowden (referred to by me as "Bad Eddy" or "Bad Eddie"
depending on which cheek my tongue is stuck in at the time) made
his famous moves, his presence made an impact like a shot heard 'round
the World. But Snowden never actually fired a gun.

Now he's "back" and I am delighted.

There Bad Eddy will be...speaking into a camera again...with nary a
semi-automatic in sight. But then, Edward Snowden doesn't need
one to make his point. And people listen to his points...oh yes they do. In fact,
governments hang on his every word.

Which just proves that bullets will never replace brains.

Bad Eddie Snowden and the gun-toting terrorists are poles apart.  At the upcoming
conference, Edward Snowden will stand on the side of freedom.

The terrorists only operate by force.

Bad Eddy will speak his peace on February 14. That is a National Day Of  Love,
Valentine's Day, in the United States. The terrorists plot and shoot at random while
they make nothing of their lives because life means nothing to them.

Truly, if that is what their Moha...Muha...or Moohammed subscribes to...then I don't
have any respect whatsoever for such a blind and screwed-up entity. No, I don't.

My God is all about FAITH. Your pathetic excuse for a spiritual leader, terrorists,
is surrounded
by hatred, destruction, damnation and death. Yes and you, oh terrorists, are all honest
mirrors...reflecting back the true image of what Allah Muhammad really is.

The rest of us haven't made your so-called "prophet" look bad. Oh no,'ve
done that job all by yourself. And trust me, you've succeeded. It is not the next person
who is worthy of your bad judgment...IT IS YOU, YOURSELVES, WHO DESERVE

Welcome back, Ed Snowden and thank you for being who you are. Keep up the good
work and consider this post to be my American valentine to you.

You, oh terrorists...don't get a valentine...instead I'm sending you this. And yes, it has been

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