Friday, January 23, 2015

Tamir Rice Murder Case: Update

New York Times Updated Discussion

I first wrote about Tamir Rice last November, on THANKSGIVING DAY .  I hadn't yet seen a
photograph of Tamir's mother and sister. But thanks to the new article by the New York Times,
I can see the picture now.

I was quite taken by the look on the mother's face. Her expression reflects the pain that today
she must feel. Her face also shows one more feature: STRENGTH. When I first gazed at the
photograph, I thought, "Oh, if only I could hug that woman." I'm glad that her daughter stood
close by her mama's side.

Nothing that garbage can, known as the Cleveland Police Department, does will bring
12-year-young Tamir back. And that fact, like the cell phone sitting on the picnic table bench,
among the teddy almost too sad to accept now.

And with that understanding, it is time for the Cleveland Police Department to start doing
things right. For now they are a disgrace to every professional and upstanding police
force in the Nation.

Yes, from what I've read, Tamir Rice was a handful. He was a rascal, probably too bright
for his young britches. Stuck in a rustbelt city, he probably felt more frustrated than he ever
felt free.

Once upon a time, another young man with a wild heart...began his climb to manhood. And
from what I have read, he was a bit of a brat when he was young. Eventually, he wrote and
composed a song that described his less than stellar bad boy days.

One day he recorded that song and it went into the charts. The song became another in a
string of hits for the man the world now knows as Stevie Wonder.

Who knows what kind
of amazing person Tamir Rice would have grown up to be?

If only he'd had the chance.

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