Sunday, February 22, 2015

Dan Gladden And The Minnesota Terror Threat

I sat in the seventh row in an old stadium in Detroit, Michigan years ago. I watched the teams as they respectfully waited for the last strains of our National anthem to fade away. I remember thinking to
myself, "I wonder what it's like to be down there on the field?"

After the game, I got the opportunity to walk down onto that field. When I looked back up at the
stands, I thought to myself, "My God, it's like fish in a barrel down here."

One of the players who tossed the ball that evening was Dan Gladden.

When I started reading the articles that popped-up like alarm bell popcorn on Google News this
morning, the first person that I thought of was that same man: Dan Gladden.

Minneapolis Star Tribune Report

Bloomberg News Report

I have no idea yet how Gladden will take this morning's report of a terrorist threat. Maybe he
will laugh it off. Maybe he will become seriously disgusted. Maybe he won't go to that Mall,
today. Maybe he will...just out of pure spite...and throw out a challenge to the madmen who
are daring to venture so close to his own domain.

I just hope that he and his family and friends remain safe in the northern cradle of
"Minnesota Nice." I sincerely mean that. I razz him online but the truth is that I really
admire Dan Gladden. And I have ever since he gave an interview to a publication that was
affiliated with USAToday.

Throughout his career in baseball and radio broadcasting, I have never read or heard about any
scandal involving his name. From what I can see, Dan Gladden is a straight shooter. And that is
a damn fine label to pin on his reputation after this many years.

I also stood in Minneapolis a long time ago. And I watched the Somali's get their vehicles,
new possessions and their housing. They were the new darlings in the Twin City area back
then...coming in as ravaged refugees and Minnesota wanted to help them...and they did. But
some of the Somali people brought drug trafficking, domestic violence and other criminal
behavior...into this Country with them.

I remember looking at the new housing going up and I thought to myself, "Someday Minnesota
might regret this."

And worthless group of people known as al-Shabaab, based in Somalia...has
leveled a terrorist threat at the good people of Minnesota. Talk about biting the hand that
fed them!

I'm sorry that you even have to consider the possible ramifications of that threat for even two-
seconds today, Mr. Gladden. And I hope that the entire State of Minnesota passes through
the hours in peace tonight.

I can't help but think: If only those blind, angry terrorists were more like you. One punch
on somebody's front lawn and it would all be over with.

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