Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Ruthie On The Road, Update--Part One


It occurred to me a few days ago, that I have slept in some interesting places while on the

Three weeks ago, I was in a bed in a motel room in Baker City, Oregon. But that was then...

since that time...I have closed my eyes (not in this order) in a rehab unit in Susanville, California
(only because they had nowhere else to put me), a $100 (off-season rate) room in a hotel that was
built in 1857 in Placerville, California and in a big tent that whipped in the icy wind in Riley,
Oregon. (I have also rested myself in a motel in Lake Tahoe and a condo in Nevada)

And I am not done yet. Here are some photographs from my escapades during February 2015:

A modern kitchenette in an otherwise old room. This is an inside view of the room that
I stayed in while at the Cary House Hotel in Placerville, California.

The headboard above my bed is big and the feeling of something antique
while lying in bed and watching the flatscreen TV.

The flatscreen however, is surrounded by genuine antique furniture. And so I draped my
jacket, casually over a very old chair.

Even one of the bathroom mirrors reflects the rest of the rooms' aging d├ęcor... this lovely petal lamp.

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