Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Best Response, UPDATED

UPDATE, Feb. 17, 2015: Where was Jessica between 6:30pm and 7:30pm on Dec. 6th, 2014...the night she was attacked and the night before she died?

Do you know?

Are you the worthless coward that won't open up your wuss of a mouth and tell investigators what you know?

You know darn well that it's time for you to talk .

Your hesitation is sickening. You have no excuse. There are programs in place to help you if you come forward and reveal what you heard or saw on that road that night. You know what happened. And you most likely know who did it.

When did you decide to protect a monster?

I bet you don't even care about the reward money. No, you are just a spineless wimp hiding behind your fear.

Meanwhile...what did Jessica get to hide behind?

As for the person who burned Jessica: You are sick. You are mentally ill. You are the biggest coward in this whole situation. You are so screwed-up that you can't even comprehend the simple fact that what you did was no act of strength. Not in any sense of the word.

You burned up a nineteen-year-old girl. That doesn't take any worthwhile energy. You only proved that deep down inside, you must really hate yourself. And nobody in their right mind would have done that to Jessica, you pissant fuckup.

When Jessica Chambers mother said that people were telling her to "move on and stop talking about Jessica", I thought...

..."What if one or more of those somebodies is linked to the crime?"

If anything, I believe that Jessica's mother and a whole lot of other people should continue to talk like crazy about Jessica's murder. Someone or more than one person...knows something pertinent about what happened to Jessica. And more than anything else he, she or they want this story to grow cold and blow away into permanent silence.

I'm saying, here and now: Don't. Let. That. Happen.

The next time somebody says, "Stop talking about Jessica"... You look that person straight in the eye,
Mom and reply, "The truth will set you free." Then pay close attention to that person's reaction.

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