Thursday, February 05, 2015

The Only One With Courage, Updated

                                                            *Lieutenant Moaz al-Kasabeh




I remember that day...the eleventh day of September in 2001. And as more of the activities
by the pieces of shit that took Moaz al-Kasabeh's life are revealed by worldwide media...
the more I assume that eventually they will initiate a strike here in the United States. Or
try to.

But no matter what crimes are committed by our own people...the truth remains that most
United States citizens are good people who will not hesitate to lock and load. We will not
back down but we will defend what is ours. This Country belongs to us and nobody will
take our birthright away. No one.

I hereby publicly curse every person who is responsible for the atrocities committed under
the wretched acronym known as isis/isil. And it really doesn't matter what label you use. We
don't want to simply erase your name...we want to remove you. According to media sources
that are closer to where you have been doing some horrible things to children...
including and not limited to: Burying them alive in mass graves and selling them in "markets"
where they sit with price tags around their necks. You are murdering children and selling
them as slaves.

But the videos of those activities haven't been released yet, have they?

Never mind your masks, isis/isil...we already know who you are. But evil has a yin and a
yang...on the other side of evil is good...and in between those two realities is justice. Prepare
to meet yours...because the closer that you get to our North American shores...the faster we
will "take you out." Count on vile, worthless, defecating on Islam cowards.

And when you face justice...I hope that someone takes a video or two of that righteous
moment...and then releases it. That video(s) will go viral in a heartbeat.

You won't die as lauded martyrs...don't kid yourselves. You'll simply crumple like the
false-faced fools that you really are.

See, we live in the United States of America...and we can make promises, too.


The man pictured above was the only person in that immediate area that used any
courage. The rest of that pack of losers...didn't show any courage at all. Far from it. Instead,
they put that man in that cage, locked the door and set him on fire.

The so-called "men" (none of them really deserve that distinction) didn't even have the nerve
to show their own faces. No, they hid behind masks. They always do...they shoot, behead and
burn people's lives away...while they hide and hide and hide some more.

They are absolute assholes and complete cowards.

Nothing more.

They have no soul.

I believe that it is they who must be eradicated from the face of our Earth.

Every. Single. One.

A commenter posted this response on a media message board today: "They have gone as far
as they need to convince us that they belong to Satan."

I agree.

They sure as hell don't belong to Allah Muhammad and in truth they have no real link to
the Koran, either.

They're just pathetic sand monkeys wearing masks.

While the man that they burned to death never got to hide behind anything.

*Note: There have been several spellings attributed to this brave man's name. I have
decided to use the form that is included in Piers Morgan's commentary. I am quite
sure that he used great care to get it right.

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